Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Happy birthday to me~

Yesterday was my birthday. Funny how I was worried that I will start to feel old by not being a teen anymore, but I didn't. The age is in your mind, and I still feel like a 16-year old.
I've had a fantastic day with my family and boyfriend! First I got a rose made from wax from him (it was beatiful and smelled like candles) and a cream cake in which we put candles. After blowing candles and eating cake me and boyfriend went to zoo. We got a really great weather so it was a perfect opportunity to go to a long walk. We saw plenty of animals, some of them were lying in the sun. I liked especially panthers and lemurs. They were so beautiful. Seeing big spiders was fun too, as they were behind a safe glass!

Delicious birthday cake

I had a great time yesterday but sadly I will have to slowly go back to reality!

~Mia Amethyst