Monday, 29 June 2015

Tattoo inspirations

I've just finished my exams. I will have last, third stage of exam this week if I will pass, but still don't feel like posting photos on blog. So I wanted to share my tattoo inspirations instead.
I was thinking about getting a tattoo for some time. The only struggle is I can draw, so I would definitely design it myself. But there are so many cool ideas for design that I don't know what I would choose. There are things I thought would be pretty a year ago, but now I don't like them. I know only I would want something in black and white, not too big, in graphic style.

(source: Tumblr)

(source: Tumblr)

(source: dogma-noir.tumblr)

(source: skindeeptales.tumblr)

(source: hollowones.tumblr)

(source: skindeeptales.tumblr)

(source: ankimichler.tumblr)

(source: skindeeptales.tumblr)

(source: mary-madeleine.tumblr)

(source: adorepetrichor.tumblr)

Do you have tattoos? What styles of tattoos you like most?

~Mia Amethyst

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Almost Human

I am feeling good because of sun blooming and making everything warm. I can wear my favorite clothes now. I hope the weather stays good all through my exams to cheer me up a little. It's only one week left but it will be good. Going to art opening tomorrow and tattoo studio opening on the weekend. Maybe I will find some inspirations there?

My makeup today is slithly inspired by zombies, so color scheme is purple and green. You know, because rotting and bruises. Eyeshadows are from Inglot

Skeleton Hand: Glovestar
Blouse: Biba
Skirt: Atmosphere
Tights: Bodyline
Shoes: Vagabond

~Mia Amethyst

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Cracow Trip

Hello guys. I've wrote once about a Cracow trip with friends. But they chaned their plans so I took my boyfriend with me, so we wouldn't lose an opportunity to go to the city for low price. It was wonderful! Here are the best of photos from the trip.

Happy selfie at 4:40 am. Waiting for the bus.

We went to the latin mass with gregorian choir to the St Mary's church. It was such an amazing experience!

 I took a photo of this because it was one of my examples on high school thesis. It was about romantic love.

 It's Jacek Malczewski's work, my favourite polish painter

 St Mary's church on the outside.

XV century Barbican in the middle of the city

Absolutely stunning sculptures in front of St. Peter and Paul's church

 On the Wawel.

 We went also to the museum of living butterflies. This is the Attacus Atlas, world's biggest moth!

 Butterflies had their own lunchroom!

I really recommend to see Cracow if you can, it's a beatiful city full of art and old buildings! I am happy I could be there again and now I have an urge to see more cicites in my country.
~Mia Amethyst