Friday, 31 October 2014

Trick or treat

Hello guys! It's Halloween today. I usually don't go to parties or events or anything, but I always take the opportunity to dress up myself. I decided to go to some cafe and eat lovely spooky-themed cakes with my friend. I didn't wear any costume, but I did fancy makeup.
WARNING: this post contains a lot of pictures!

cheesecake with berry elixir, bat cupcake and ghost meringue. cute

 Black lipstick is quite unusual for me. For everyday makeup I prefer lighter look. I applied black Rimmel eyeshadow on lips and eyes + mascara from Clinique.

 I bought this sweetie on Hellcon

 Me and my cute friend Dominica

And if you survived so much photos... See my song of the day:

This is the most beautiful breathtaking This is Halloween cover EVER! I hope you enjoyed this day as much as I did!


Monday, 27 October 2014

Convention of Monsters

Welcome all the banes! As I said before, I was on Hellcon on 25th day of October. It's time to sum up this event. Starting from the beginning, convention started at 11.00. I was there like 10 minutes before. There were abour 100 people in the queue I think, but I had to wait more than an hour... But why must have been sooo cold right then?? I freezed. My boyfriend arrived almost 2 hours later. I did scary makeup to him, too. We were fabulous, classy vampires hanging around, hehe. I would like to say my opinion about what was nice on Hellcon:

+Discussion panel about Tim Burton. Well, I love him, no suprise. We just talked about why his films are so great.
+Discussion panels about comics: about polish comic Incognito (with autors) - they have a lot of knowledge, about gothic horror elements in comics - interesting presentation, and ,,How to make and publish your own comic" - interesting facts about process of making a comic.
+Quite tasty sushi from a bar...
+Panel about using music in Roleplay games. Stimulated imagination.
+Panel about book series Nekroscope. This book is SICK! But I still want to read it.
+Panel about polish manga/fantasy drawers. Informative and inspirational.

What, sadly, wasn't pleasing...

-Cosplay... I mean, seriously? 7 cosplays?? There were always around 20... dissapointing.
-I thought that on victorian themed convention would be a lot of beautiful jewellery. Well, I bought only one necklace. Tiny minus.
-Theme costumes contest. They made us dance to the shitty music. The person who was dancing the most won. I came there to show my costume, NOT my moves!

So... hellcon was rather pleasing than not. I am glad I was there. I've met a lot of old friends and had fun.
Aren't we pretty vampires?? Especially my P.

My song of the day. I love Voltaire's voice. I'm waiting for him to come to Poland.


Friday, 24 October 2014

Lost Alice

Hi! Today is very cold outside. Temperature is 3 Celsius degrees and I definetely don't feel comfortable with it. I am warmth-lover, when winter begins I always just want to hide under blanket and drink hot tea in my own room. Today I had to go out, but at least outfit I wore turned out pretty nice for me.

t-shirt: House, cardigan: EMOI, trousers: unknown, boots: Jenny Fairy

I'll throw here a few closeups of look.

And makeup..
I wear purple eyeshadow by Inglot and Nivea fruity shine: strawberry on lips. I LOVE this gloss, it gives a nice moisture and a hint of cute colour.

I really like this look. An elder man in tram said I look very pretty, let's hope my P. isn't jealous, lol.
Anyway, the Hellcon is tomorrow! Both me and my P. will have costumes, so it's gonna be fun. I changed my final concept and it will be.. scarier! So keep in contact with this site to see the photos soon.
Song of the day is We are rebels:

It's by a lovely band Alice in videoland. They sound a bit like crossover between industrial and overly cute silly pop. I know how it seems, but listening to this really makes me smile.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Time is old like victorian times

Good afternoon, ladies and men. I would like to show you something that is a part of my Halloween preparations. I'm going to Hellcon convention in Warsaw on 25th october. This year it's in victorian horror theme, so I HAD to be there! I'm going to wear something that suits theme nicely. This is the preview:

I bought these beautiful earrings today. They caught my eye immetiately. I've wanted ones like that, with black jewel, for a long long time. I'm so glad I've found them, they are perfect for this occasion.

After convention I'll show you more photos. I'm considering doing makeup tutorial for this look. I have also two more ideas for Halloween themed looks.. I may start upoloading videos on youtube, I believe it would be very exciting thing to do!
Song of the day:


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Sleepy monday...

... But evening - not. Recently I sleep a lot and leave home when it's already dark, like a proper night owl. Somehow everything seems more fun and exciting during night. Anyway, I was preparing CVs for a job and then went to shopping centre. Of course I wouldn't pass my favourite shops as well. Especially when I knew it had Halloween collection right then!
Isn't it really cute?? This bat won my heart instantly!
Also, I found this sticker at the bottom of shirt. I had no idea what would it mean until mum said. So I checked if sticker says truth..
Yes! It really GLOWS! Isn't it cool? Sorry the photo is so blurred, It was very hard to catch the caption in darkness on the photo. So, I got new shirt that is pretty and glows in the dark, and the price actually was something like 8.80$!
Next time I'll try to show makeup deatils on photos as well (Or not, if I'll do so little makeup such as today...)
Song of the day:

Such a beautiful and calming voice of Peter Murphy. Perfect for today. The scenes are from "The Man Who Fell to Earth" with David Bowie. They really make me want to see the film.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Hello there!

Welcome all the strangers! I am new here. I call myself Anomalia aka Mia and I am starting to write my own blog. I will post here my drawings, photos, outfits and other things I am interested in. I may write film/ books/ exibitions reviews as well. Hope you enjoy what you will see.