Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Sleepy monday...

... But evening - not. Recently I sleep a lot and leave home when it's already dark, like a proper night owl. Somehow everything seems more fun and exciting during night. Anyway, I was preparing CVs for a job and then went to shopping centre. Of course I wouldn't pass my favourite shops as well. Especially when I knew it had Halloween collection right then!
Isn't it really cute?? This bat won my heart instantly!
Also, I found this sticker at the bottom of shirt. I had no idea what would it mean until mum said. So I checked if sticker says truth..
Yes! It really GLOWS! Isn't it cool? Sorry the photo is so blurred, It was very hard to catch the caption in darkness on the photo. So, I got new shirt that is pretty and glows in the dark, and the price actually was something like 8.80$!
Next time I'll try to show makeup deatils on photos as well (Or not, if I'll do so little makeup such as today...)
Song of the day:

Such a beautiful and calming voice of Peter Murphy. Perfect for today. The scenes are from "The Man Who Fell to Earth" with David Bowie. They really make me want to see the film.

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