Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Happy birthday to me~

Yesterday was my birthday. Funny how I was worried that I will start to feel old by not being a teen anymore, but I didn't. The age is in your mind, and I still feel like a 16-year old.
I've had a fantastic day with my family and boyfriend! First I got a rose made from wax from him (it was beatiful and smelled like candles) and a cream cake in which we put candles. After blowing candles and eating cake me and boyfriend went to zoo. We got a really great weather so it was a perfect opportunity to go to a long walk. We saw plenty of animals, some of them were lying in the sun. I liked especially panthers and lemurs. They were so beautiful. Seeing big spiders was fun too, as they were behind a safe glass!

Delicious birthday cake

I had a great time yesterday but sadly I will have to slowly go back to reality!

~Mia Amethyst

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Stripes in Grey

Hey, it's half of april already. I'm going a little nervous because my boyfriend starts his final exams in may and I have mine different exams a month later. But I believe we are both going to make it.
Anyway, I'm showing you some of my new clothing stuff. I got this sweater and it's lovely. It was really cheap so I didn't even thought two times.
Another new things are my boots. I was lucky to find used New Rocks on Allegro on auction and I was the only one that signed din. I believe they costed around 1/4 of original price.

My ombre nails match red and black makeup!

 Sweater: Bonus Moda (second hand)
Boots: New Rock

Don't know what happened here that my eyes look so big, but I like it.
~Mia Amethyst

Friday, 10 April 2015

Random things and a hat

It's been a bad week. I was ill again - stomach problem. I spent two days not being able to do anything but lying in the bed. Not fun. Also yesterday one of my rat pets passed away and it's hard for me. Ok, that's enough of complaining. I have a birthday soon and I hope I will have a happy time.

 I've just remined that I have this hat. I got it for a long time and it's one of my favorite things ever.

 My outfit today.
T-shirt: Sainsbury's Tu
Vest: N&T Fashion
Jeans: Blend
Shoes: Vagabond

Lineart of my new work. I must think about colors now.
~Mia Amethyst