Monday, 30 March 2015

Laibach Spectre Tour: concert

On thursday I arrived to see Laibach live in Warsaw. I was there with my dad. He didn't know the band, but I played him a few songs and he liked them, so he came with me. Concert was in a Palladium club.
A quick photo before going out. It's a little blurry though :<

I must say I've high expectations about this concert. Fortunately, they were fulfilled. Even more, I'd say that's one of the best concert I've been. It started with very experimental electronic sounds with dark ambient inspirations. Then band played mostly songs from Spectre album. The concert had differing climate, starting with dark undefined toned, going through strong march rhythmes, edning with slower climate. All songs were just perfect, some sounded even better than album versions (Eurovision especially). The concert was tasteful and interesting. I think I don't have to mention my dad was also fascinated? (He is a big fan of good music)

Here are some photos I took.

~Mia Amethyst

Saturday, 21 March 2015


Hello. I am having a nice week and enjoying my free weekend right now. I've had my classes only once. So I spent my free time playing games and reading books. I am thinking about drawing more and I bought new ink so I can make this happen.

 My old-new t-shirt from Emily the Strange. I bought this litreally in 3 minutes including trying on. Who said girls love spending hours on shopping?

Super casual outfit today.
 T-shirt: Emily the Strange
Wristlet: Camaieu
Jeans: Blend
Shoes: Vagabond

 Everyone were talking about yesterday's solar eclipse. I had to go to see of course. Somehow I expected darker sky, but all I saw after going outside was really bright sun and sky. I wouldn't even realise there was any eclipse if I hadn't been told that. Up photo is took on auto.

Then we thought we could put two pair of sunglasses in front of camera and zoom in. The result was much better, as you can see!

The sun looked like that for about one hour.
I hope you had a great day. Did you see eclipse as well?
~Mia Amethyst

Thursday, 12 March 2015

New black

Hi guys! Not much happened this week. It was kinda boring. Yesterday I was trying to put some creativity in my outfits and came up with wearing this. This is actually first time I go out with black lipstick besides Halloween (how ironic). I think it looks even nice.

skirt: bodyline
tights: bodyline
shoes: vagabond

Song of the day:

Anyways, I got Tumblr, if you are interested click.
~Mia Amethyst

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Ballade of a lace

I've been looking in the mirror and disliked it. I must say my hair looked really bad, with uneven colour and grown roots. I eventually decided to bleach the whole thing and apply toner again and I'm pleased with the result. I finally have pretty purple. Well, hair is not in great condition, even after trim, but I'll treat them good and it will be lovelier.
Yesterday was crazy, I was in a museum with my friends to see the new exibition of a famous painter and later I went to my classes. In a middle of day I was catched by hail. It appeared so suddenly that I thought for a second it might be styrofoam?!

Outfit I was wearing yesterday. Shoes from Jenny Fairy, blouse from Lucy Paris. I was lucky to find this blouse. It has a beautiful lace back and frilly sleeves.

Details of my cameo necklace (and doll-like lips)
I am looking forward tomorrow's lecture about art of tattoo design. I am sure it will be informative.
Song of the day:

I must admit I am inspired by this band so much lately... And this song is stuck in my head.
~Mia Amethyst