Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Last Thursday

I have a last few days of  rest before the university starts. The new schedule is already up on my school profile and it seems I won't have any spare time at all. I hope I can carry on with blogging though.
Today is a holiday called The Fat Thursday in Poland. Traditionally everyone buys, or sometimes prepares, a lot of ,,Pączki", a polish deep-fried pastry similar to donut, and consumes as much as they like. A holiday based on eating - now that's my kind of holiday :) Usually I don't eat pączki as they are super sweet and fat, but once a year I always try some.

 Today's outfit: Tunic: thrifted (originally Only) / boots: Jennifer&Jennifer / bag: thrifted (originally New Look) / bracelet: I am / earrings: Claire's

 Hope you are doing great guys and wish you a good weekend.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

I see hearts

I know what are you thinking today, commercial holiday is peeking from every corner with red hearts and cheap chocolate. For me Valentine's didn't go as expected, and I had only a short amount of time with my love. I think we will celebrate properly at the weekend, when work won't be in the way.

I took a classic romantic attire, but I couldn't resist adding a little twist :) this bag is one of two I've been painting last week. Showing some of my interest of anatomy while keeping it romantic is something I like :)
I also wear today H&M dress which I thrifted, Papercats corset and necklace which I got at Alterfair.

 I made mini bath bombs with recipe from here. I also printed a label of my idea to make a jar more fancy. Making you own cosmetics turns out to be so much fun. I think my love liked it :)

In case you need some love today, I give it to you! ❤️️