Monday, 26 December 2016

Christmas is here...

Now when I am at my home again I can rest with a cup of tea - tired and happy after celebrating Christmas with my family.
Holidays for me started already at friday, when I celebrated it with my closest family in my house. Then 2 days I spent in another town at my granparents' place, and today I had a dinner with my fiance's family.
The photos are from grandparents' home. I hope I could catch some of the warm and cosy atmosphere on those few photos. I like this traditionalism in decoration, it brings out memories of my childhood. I am still in festive mood even if there was no snow this year. I'd like to show you a song I was listening to a lot, which I think is perfect for this time of a year :)

I wish you all merry Christmas / Holidays or whatever else you are celebrating!

Sunday, 18 December 2016

,,Don't be sorry. He deserved it."

Hi! I was going to post earlier this week, but time flies fast and a few days passed in a blink of my eye. My mind is getting busy anyway thinking about Christmas presents. Seems like this year I am fulfilling  my tradition of buiyng gifts last-minute.
Yesterday I went to Alterfair, hoping I could buy something for someone. I found a little thing that I think one person would like, and also a small thing for myself, so I am fairly satisfied. Later I went to east sushi with my fiance. We also continued watching the series we started together last time, How to get away with murder. This show keeps us in suspence and I recommend watching it. I am curious for seasons 2 and 3.

Yesterday's outfit included thrifted h&m lace dress I love and new overknee boots from I was in need of some casual footwear which would also keep my calves warm. These ones are nice and also have a cute lace-up detail on back.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Time does not return

I'm showing you my outfit of today. Seems like it's one of most worn last time. I just found this skirt last month and I really enjoy the color and texture. It seems it's the only skirt I have that is not black. For me velvet resembles of historical robes, especially renaissance. Too bad people don't wear these kind of clothing today. I'd love at least attending a real ball once so I could put on long gown.

The skirt is from Republic, necklace from, boots from Bronx.

Today I am in suprisingly good mood which made me excited for lecture about graphic design. I'm looking forward for tomorrow though when I finally end the first season of a series I'm currently watching.