Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Last time I've been exploiting my poor little graphic tablet, playing games and helping in a shop. I am not going out a lot since weather is super hot now where I live. Sitting in home, I tried to experiment with my hair, resulting in this blue. I can't decide if it suits me however, so don't be suprised if I will chance my color often in future! I might still dye my hair black again when I'm bored with toners.

Today's outfit is inspired by these lovely pants I forgot I have, hence a bit boy-ish look. I'm into gray a lot lately, and this is very practical in summer.

 Tunic is from Miss Pink / pants are thrifted / hat is from H&M / bag is made by me / shoes are from UK

I also have a little herbs garden now on my balcony. Here you can see fresh basil leaves. I got mint from my grandma and I'm suprised how little effort it needs. I will surely have my balcony or garden covered in plants in future.

Friday, 14 July 2017


Hello there
I'm acutally still alive! Recently I had a chance to hang out at Alterfair again and I was mesmerized by beautiful things. This time I was drawn more into original artwork and hanmade goodies than jewellery. I eventually couln't go without this hand molded Edgar Allan Poe mug. I heard then that day was also a name day of Edgar, so this must've been fate or something!

By the way, this top was about 0,30$! Yay for thrift shop sales

Thursday, 4 May 2017


Hi boys and girls. Seems like I haven;t been there for too long. I have lost my interest in blogging in the last month. Being so busy lately and having very little things planned in advance I might post not so regularly. I'm working currently on improving my skills for apprenticeship opportunity soon, so I don't want to sacrifice my time for taking photos for the sake of blogging vanity :) I will keep posting when I feel like doing so, I think.

Last week I celebrated my birthday with my family and friends. I made a huge load of chocolate cookies for this occasion. They were good, but I've had too much of them so I won't touch any chocolate for some time.
It was a good year for me. I don't think I've changed much. I'm curious what the next year of my live is going to bring to me.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Round edge

How are you doing? I had a tiring but happy day of going around the town and printing works for school. It's an overview week and so much needs to be done still. I distracted myself by cuddling with fiance but I'm just sneaking back to work.

 Shirt: a gift (from Italy) / skirt: thrifted (originally Atmosphere) / shoes: / bag: / choker: Claire's / hat: H&M

Today's outfit contain a lot of circles with metal rings on a shirt, glasses and brim of a hat. The shirt is a gift from my mum and it's exactly what I needed for nu-goth like style. It has a small stripes which I think adds to the texture of outfit. The hat is the most worn accessory right now, as the weather allows.

Wish you a good day/night ✨

Monday, 27 March 2017

Flower crown

Hi guys! Feeling the spring I got inspired and decided to try making my own rose crown. I used a ribbon to make those little fake roses and attached them to a headband with jewellery glue. Since I've never done something like this before, it doesn't look very realistic. Trust me, it just looks good on the photos ;) Anyway it's enough for me and I can't wait to wear it in public.

What do you think?