Monday, 29 December 2014

Post Christmas...

 The pre-Christmas time was very busy for me. I had work, a lot of cleaning to do and I was cooking with my mum for eve of Christmas eve. That's not a mistake, we had family dinner two days before actual holiday. It was great anyway, just a lovely evening with closest family and boyfriend. We made tasty food, I must say.

 I had a role of Santa's helper... who will get these bags?? I got a dress, fluffy earmuffs and Maybelline color tatto eyeshadow. Also, a lot of sweets.

We had pink and white Christmas tree, somehow a different idea.
...And I'm just reminding that you are NOT too silly wearing a mini red cap.

Hope you had a lovely family Christmas! after all these days I want to do nothing, but a beggining of the year is such a busy time for me (you will see why). But I still want to find some time for gaming and other stuff. I am seeing Hobbit 3 in 3D cinema on New Year's Eve, hope it will be good.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Today's rain and wind combined make unpleasing weather... But I'm still happy because I found my motivation to do things i should do. Also my creative vein seems coming back. How will I find time to draw everything I have in my mind?? I hope that the time around Christmas will be less filled with work so I can drown in my room and create.

 This dress is cute, I don't know why I wear it so rarely...

It's hard to catch my makeup but it's violet (Inglot) with some pink (Essence) and white (Bourjois). Also Nivea fruit shine: guava lipstick (it smells really nice)
Notice key and padlock earrings. I got them from my boyfriend <3

Thanks to Catacombxkitten I discovered new band. I've fallen in love. This and Animal Impulses are my favourite songs yet, but I chose this one because I've already spammed everywhere with the other one. Enjoy~


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Words are just dust

Hi! Do you smell that? Yes, Christmas is coming. I sooo love it. There will be colorful lights and nice food and orange and forest smell again... Also it's very close to my anniversary with Beloved so double my joy.
Today I was at staff meeting with manager. She asked us how we are feeling in this job. After all it was nice. After that I was hanging out in city center... It was a fine day. Tomorrow I wil go somewhere with my mum before work maybe.
This photo shows really good how my hair colour look like in reality. Thought it likes to be moody and change its tone from purple to blue. I like how it looks right after re-dyeing.

I applied my violet Inglot eyeshadows on lips and I like the result! I may wear it like that more often.

Oh, and my mum gave me these spidey Claire's earrings on Saint Nicholas's Day <3 I love them! (This purple stain on my ear is from toner anyway!...)

I wear today my DIY ripped blouse. Unfortunately, winter is not too goos to wear it because these holes works kinda like ventilation... Actually I used to wear it even in heat! But warm coat helps now.

Song of the day:

Anyway, I have 500 views on my blog! Wow!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Coming Out 2014 - The best Academy of Fine Arts Diplomas

On thursday, 27.11 I was on opening of the exibition. I like hanging out in galleries so I thought it was nice idea to go there. When I arrived I faced a big queue. I had nothing against it, but right then it was super cold and after 15 minutes my hands started freezing. Then I finally got inside. Unfortunately I met none of my friends, so I decided to do reportage of that evening. What do you think?

The middle one is me, certainly.

Do you like these young artists' works? Or maybe some of you have already seen them personally in Warsaw?