Monday, 29 December 2014

Post Christmas...

 The pre-Christmas time was very busy for me. I had work, a lot of cleaning to do and I was cooking with my mum for eve of Christmas eve. That's not a mistake, we had family dinner two days before actual holiday. It was great anyway, just a lovely evening with closest family and boyfriend. We made tasty food, I must say.

 I had a role of Santa's helper... who will get these bags?? I got a dress, fluffy earmuffs and Maybelline color tatto eyeshadow. Also, a lot of sweets.

We had pink and white Christmas tree, somehow a different idea.
...And I'm just reminding that you are NOT too silly wearing a mini red cap.

Hope you had a lovely family Christmas! after all these days I want to do nothing, but a beggining of the year is such a busy time for me (you will see why). But I still want to find some time for gaming and other stuff. I am seeing Hobbit 3 in 3D cinema on New Year's Eve, hope it will be good.

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