Thursday, 28 April 2016


Yesterday I celebrated anniversary of my arrival to human world. Doesn't feel any different to be a one year older. Well, at least for now, since the number isn't big enough to scare me yet.

I celebrated this day with my closest ones. Everything was great, we had a sushi feast and my beloved made a cream pie with jelly. I received a pair of sunglasses and a ticket for a concert I planned to see in autumn. Now it's official, I'm coming with my dad to see The Cure. Originally, I know the band thanks to him, so I'm pretty excited to return to my early teenage memories connected with it.

Outfit for a dinner included: dress: Topshop / wreath: from Greece / harness: DIY

Me with my beautiful mum. She arrived to a dinner straight from an airport!

Friday, 15 April 2016

Accessory crafts

Believe or not, it's a long time since I first thought about making my own jewellery. But I was unsure how to start, where to get materials from. Recently I have found some felt I purchased a few years ago with intention to make pins. It seemed like good idea to finally use it. So I created a few pieces of cute accessory.

 First is this moon hair clip I painted.

I used the same design for necklace. I like how realistic the moon looks against black

There are also glitter bat clips!

What do you think?

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice...

 shirt: Leable / leggings: / jacket: Tom Tailor / shoes: Vagabond

I recently got striped leggings. My old ones were all faded and worn-out. I rarely replace old pieces of wardrobe with the same thing, but I don't think my style would survive without some Beetlejuice themed, juicy black-and-white stripes!

I have a big sentiment for Beetlejuice, I've watched it at the age of 12, probably. Along with The Corpse Bride made me develop a huge fascination with Tim Burton movies, which consequently led me to overall spooky interests I have today.

What was the weird thing, I used to be the kind of overly sensitive child who was afraid of everything dark. Maybe the thing that actually attracted me to these kind of movies was the fact they made darkness seem more friendly and funny, so I started to be comfortable with it, it even made me somehow calm. Anyone had similar experience?


Friday, 1 April 2016

Easter walk

I've spent this sunday with my family in a lovely house. We had Easter breakfast and then, seeing sun picking out of clouds, we decided to have a walk. I saw some very beatiful flowers. It makes me excited to see spring being there. I love spring, it has so many colors of green grass and blooming trees!

My "indoor" outfit included: dress: thrifted (originally Topshop) / necklace: my mum's shop / shoes: Clarks
All photos are by my dad!