Saturday, 23 May 2015

About my hair part 1: Dyeing

Hi! I wanted to write something about my hair. So, here it is. First I am starting with my hair dyeing journey, then I will say something about hair dyeing routine and tips.

This was me only two years ago. I've had still my natural hair back then.

When I got bored with my color I used henna to dye ends and a few streaks red. It wasn't natural henna, it had some chemicals in it, so it faded quite quickly. But I liked the idea of having colorful hair.

 It was a first time when I bought hair toner in crazy color. It was Stargazer. I wanted to see if it affects my natural hair. well, the blue didn't come out, but once I was bored and decided to buy a bleach and use the rest of toner on ends. Unfortunately I don't have any photos, but it was a lovely turquoise. On the picture it's faded.

 First time I've dyed my hair purple with La Riche Directions. I must say I liked it, but I bleached too little and it faded to light brown after a week...

 This is my hair right now. Finally I learned how to bleach my hair and get the right color.

I dye my hair with La Riche Directions, purple mixed with violet. This dye is really nice, because it's in reasonable price, the color is vibrant and fades slowly. I redye my hair every 3 weeks or so. Unfortunately, I have to bleach my hair to really light blonde to get the right shade. It's because yellow and purple neutralize themselves and hair will fade to brown if not bleached enough.
I think using bleach is not that scary anyway unless you use it for too long or use too strong bleach or your hair is already pretty damaged. But if you are unsure It's better to go to hairstylist.

Toners are different than peroxide dyes, so you my want to know some info:

-Toners are vegan and don't damage your hair itself.
-You can mix them to get any shade you want.
-It smells like something between poster paint and conditioner so it's nice.
-The more bleached and dry hair, the better result.
-It stains. Everything. Be careful with your pillows and bright clothes!
-It may be hard to buy (at least in my country)

Here is how I dye my hair, step-by-step.

1. I bleach my hair to light blonde, then I wash my hair and wait until it's almost dry.
2. I put a greasy cream on my forehead, cheeks, ears and neck. It helps removing dye stains from skin.
3. I take gloves (it's important unless you want colorful hands for two days) and put toner in a bowl.
4. I sometimes add a little of conditioner to toner so hair will be softer after dyeing.
5. I put toner with brush on my hair and then spread it with hands. It's good to dye in small sections so you won't get patches.
6. I wrap hair in cap and wait. In instructions they recommend to wait 30 minutes, But I find it better to let the dye sit for hour or two.
7. I rinse my hair with cool water and apple cider vinegar. Why vinegar? Well, it closes the cuticles of hair so it's shinier and toner fades slowlier. Just pour a spoon of vinegar to 1 liter of pure water and rinse your hair with it.
8. Dry your hair and Voila! Pretty color.

I Hope you find it interesting and helpful. If you have any more questions about dyeing hair, feel free to ask!

~Mia Amethyst


  1. Great colour! I miss my purple, it washed out so quickly but I hated that it stained everything. I can't bleach my hair because it's superfine but I found using box dyes with subtle blondes worked okay. I envy the girls who can bleach the crap out of their hair and still look great lol.

    1. True, stains are awful. My hair is actually pretty fine too, but it's still strong. Maybe that's because i treat it good in general...

  2. I wish I had your long hair!!! Interesting note about the vinegar. I might try that since I don't really like conditioner

    1. Vinegar is a nice tip, it's faster to use than conditioner and it really works. But it's better to use it not more often than once or twice a week.

  3. Great post, it makes me want to get turquoise or purple hair! That vinegar trick is something I had not heard of before, must try it next time I dye. :)

    1. Thank you! Well I think turqoise and purple hair are the prettiest :D