Sunday, 25 January 2015

Into The Woods

Hello friends. I don't know if it's the weather or something, but the last few days were awful. I missed my classes and lost my bag in a bus. I am really looking forward to the next week, hoping that my bad mood will change. But anyway I will optimistically try to look for good things that happened. I met my school friend and we talked a lot. Seems like she will attend the same classess as me! Also I had a photoshoot in which i tried to capture a climate of that cold and silent evening. I hope I succeed...

Oh, and I had fun today because I was a fairy on a children's carnival party. I was doing them makeup and half of them ended up with their faces covered in butterflies, cats, dogs or hearts. It warms up my little dark heart when I see these little creatures enjoying everything so much.


Monday, 19 January 2015

Another day

So it is... Time flies so fast. I've just celebrated 4 years with my Beloved. I must say, it's amazing how you can love someone more and more through the years... I am happy right now. We spent our perfect date in mediterranean bistro and ate dinner together.

Kinda awkward photo of us. There was SO MUCH LIGHT here.

 I don't take photos of food often, but it was really delicious thing. This is a roasted duck with dumplings, fruits and basil.

 My outfit there. Restyle dress, choker from Allegro (no name), sweater from Girl Dream and Jenny Fairy shoes.

 Also few days later I celebrated my mum's birthday. We were in a greek restaurant.

I was wearing a dress from H&M my boy bought me on Christmas. They have a collection right now that really suits my taste.

I had just a regular black makeup. 
Anyway, I am going tomorrow ice skating, yay! I have now a free week so I can have fun and chill out now.

P.S. Thank you for 1000 views! It' so nice knowing that people actually read my stuff sometimes .


Saturday, 10 January 2015

Soft Red Everyday Makeup Tutorial

This is one of my few everyday looks. I hope you will find this helpful & inspirational for your looks. Keep in my mind I'm not makeup artist. I just do these things in a way that I like. Enjoy.

 Start with washed face. Firstly apply base/ concealer on your eyelids.

 Then apply red eyeshadow on upper and lower eyelid (if you have eyes close to each other like me, apply lower shadow only to the half.

 Apply black eyeshadow on upper eyelid above the crease.

 Then blend it with cosmetic brush.

 Clean the brush a little and blend lower shadow as well.

 Add mascara.

 Now we do the lips. Start with moisturising balm.

 Apply red lipstick. Don't mind too much if it's not even.

 Apply black eyeshadow on the corners. It looks a little weird now, but we will fix it.

 Now blend everything with brush carefully.

 If it still looks messy, you may add another layer of lipstick and black eyeshadow to blank places.

 Final result.

How do you like it? Write me if you have some tips or questions. I may do some other tutorials in the future so keep in touch.

Friday, 2 January 2015

How 2014 passed by...

Such a weird empty day... I'm feeling fine but I have no motivation to do things. I spent last hours of 2014 and first hours of 2015 with my boyfriend. We went to see Hobbit 3 first, it had awesome 3D effects and we enjoyed it. Later we spent time just eating cookies and chips and watching youtube films. Fireworks were nice, we saw plenty of them cause boyfriend's home is close to open space, so a lot of people were standing and shooting. I fell asleep at 6:30...
However, I wanted to do summary of year that just passed by. I hope I will return to this in a year and see how my life changed.

Spent New Year's Eve with my friends. Had anniversary with my Beloved. He had his birthday also.

Went to London for the first time. I enjoyed it, Saw a lot of pretty buildings and visited a few art galleries. Fell in love with Camden Town. I wish so much there were at least one shop like there in my country... I hope I will come back to London soon. Also, I had my second lobe piercings done.

Nothing special has happened. I was trying to learn more for my exams though.

Had my birthday and graduated from school. Felt super amazing! It was an ending of not so pleasing stage of my life.

Had final exams. Stress went away and I was glad from how it went. But I also was exhausted.

Results of exams. It went fine so I could finally relax. But not for long. At the end of month I had exams for studies. I started feeling really bad psychically and had neurosis-like state. Also I saw Bodies:revealed exibition. It was something that I will not forget.

Failed my exams. But somehow I felt better. Maybe I was expecting that. Went to Santorini for vacation. It's a beautiful place!

(pics from google, can't find mine. But I've been exactly there!)

Came for another trips: with boyfriend and with friend. I felt better and my nerves are gone. Also I dyed my hair purple for the first time.

Also, the last two weeks of this month passed with worst angina ever. Wasn't able to eat anything for two days. Ough...

Started my new art classess. I liked it immediately. They have such a great atmosphere and nice teachers here.

Passed by very quickly. Including hanging out with friends.

Got a job, a lot of new chores.

Waiting for Christmas. I took a break from my classes to chill out a little. Now I'm ready for new things.

It was a nice year. However in 2015 I want to:
  • Do a new piercing I've wanted for over a year
  • Visit Berlin, Barcelona, Prague or London
  • Draw more
  • Apply to studies I want
  • Complete this Reading Challenge
  • Exercise regularly (at least twice a week)
  • Eat healthier (less sweets also)
  • Still be happy person
I will look at this list sometimes to see if I improved on my goals. I hope 2015 will be a good new beggining.