Sunday, 29 January 2017

Art of Horror

Have you ever heard about Zdzisław Beksiński? I have, a lot. I remember already from my childhood he was mentioned to be one of the greatest Polish modern artists. In October I heard about the new exibition about his paitings opened in Cracow. I managed to go there with friends. After waiting over an hour in a queue, we finally get there. Small place. Black walls. What I saw was one of the most amazing things. The works was displayed on glowing screens, making all the colors pop. This way one could see a whole spectrum of artists' skill. In the end I bought the album to take this experience to home :)

If you ever happen to be close to Cracow, go see this exibition. Don't think twice. You'll not be dissappointed.

Anyway, today I went to another exibition dedicated to Beksiński's creations, This time in Warsaw. It was a free session of Virtual Reality when you literally step into his paintings. It was a fascinating thing, it felt a bit like a strange realistic dream.
I present you some of the works in a book, but I assure you it doesn't do the justice to them.