Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Death and silence. Photography of Laura Makabresku

My first contact with her art was when I saw interview in a magazine. It caught my eye immediately, but then I forgot about it. It was until I saw her on tumblr, and then it got me into deeper interest. I'd like to share with you some of my favourite photos by an amazing photographer (who happens to be from my country). The photos are strange mixture of sensitivity and pain, death and silence. It reminds me of older times, ancient books covered in dust in the attic. There is also relation of human and nature. Animals, especially birds appear here often. Photos are sometimes disturbing and somewhat unpleasant to look, but in the same time absolutely beautiful.

Kamila Kansy, know as Laura Makabresku, born 1987 in Brzesko, is a self-taught photographer currently living in Cracow. She is a graduate in polish philological faculty. Her inspiration comes from her childhood, poetry and dreams. She collaborated with many magazines and took part in collective and individual exibitons.

There are many more to see on her official pages.

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