Monday, 16 January 2017

In the Seventh Heaven

Hello guys!
The doom time has come, by which I mean the end of semester. Who would have thought one can be so drained to no longer find pleasure even in tracing art from Batman comics and designing an original character. But I don't let sleep deprivation and stress stop me. I also have exciting diy and travel plans for the next month which I hope I can manage to fullfill.

On the photos I have my new lipstick which I worn today for the first time. It's Amethyst from Nyx Liquid Suede. While I already sold my soul for the red lipsticks and there's no turning back, this unusual ultraviolet shade is very magical and I think I will wear this a lot.

 Skirt: Atmosphere / top: thrifted / sweater: G21 / necklace: Claire's

Recently I got a mini-haul in Claire's. Originally I only planned to get the bow and choker, but then being informed they had 3rd item for free, I also found this crystal necklace. I think they are all cute and can't really decide which item is my favourite.

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