Wednesday, 28 September 2016


 Another day in a new university. So far three days passed and I looks like it met my expectations. I hope I can find my place here so I can soon start to think about getting a job in my industry. Today I had first drawing and english lessons. That's a pity I can't choose one more language yet! I'd love to learn japanese, and improve my poor and forgotten german...

I got the Witcher 3 game in my hands lately. My fiance borrowed it to me. I really wanted to play it as I have heard many positive reviews. Actually, I have never really played RPG games, but it were the books that got me into the story here. I have read two of them so far and I plan to read all, after ending the seven-hundred paged monster I read now (and there is a second part...)

"Witchers are known to carry two blades. A silver blade for monsters and steel for humans." 
"Both are for monsters."

Friday, 23 September 2016

Secret garden

 I've just came back to home after this day. I spent some time with my grandparents in their garden. They grow plants here, among others: grapes, apple trees, many kinds of flowers, and so far I know they plan to seed a cherry tree. Today they were picking grapes so I had some to taste, and it's sweet as a honey! Good to have a chance to grow plants in the city. I would gladly grow some, too, maybe on the balcony at least, but I can't cope with plants well. Once I managed to dry out the cactus...

I may not eat this apple, cause as we know from a famous story, eating apples unguarded may not end up well!

Today's outfit: blouse: thrifted (New Look) / skirt: thrifted (H&M) / shoes: Vagabond / earrings: diy
I had to wear a coat though, you can definetely feel the autumn is here!

I have some very pleasant plans for the next two days before the school starts! And you? Any plans for the weekend?

Sunday, 18 September 2016

The lines are crossing

Time is going fast since last week. The new academic year is just around the corner. I try to stay prepared. Once again I'm waiting for the unknown; long story short, I changed my learning place and now I'm studying graphic design. I have big expectations, but we will se how it goes. 
Today I went with my family to the old town, before the weather becomes cool. We went to eat belgian fries in a bar and see the illuminated fountains. 
Dress: H&M (modified) / harness: diy / shoes: Vagabond / cardigan: from my mum's shop (made in Italy)
Today I felt like wearing my dress with longer back and giant cross earrings. My makeup was just a simple eyeliner look which I seem to wear ofter lately. I think it suits more modern looks.

How do you spend the last days of summer?

Friday, 9 September 2016

West Station

As I promised, I'm showing some photos of the outside of AlterFair, near the West Station. There was a ramshackle wall with some very colorful grafitti and a nearly collapsing concrete platform. Everything sourrounded with wild bushes; a nature taking over. So strange that this place is probably still in use! My friend took me some photos of the outfit here. How do you like this place?

Dress: Topshop / hat: H&M / earrings: from Kraków / shoes: Stonefly

 Pumice ring (on left hand): from Greece / bracelet: from Greece

My friend really wanted to photograph this cat, so here it is. I wanted to pet him, but sadly it didn't want to cooperate, so I'm still left without black cat assistant that every witch should have :)

Sunday, 4 September 2016


Yesterday I went to alternative fashion fair. I read on Facebook there is one. Seeing there will be fashion shows and a lot of eyecandy to buy, I naturally had to come. I grabbed a camera and invited a friend and I was ready to go.

Fashion shows!
(sorry photos are so poor in quality and quantity, I somehow forgot flash exists and it was really dark...)

 Blue Astrid

 This show was my favourite. All models were nice, but I liked the blue haired one the most :)


Some jewellery eyecandy...

...And me. The place outside was so peculiar, that I think I'll give photos from there a separate post.

I ended up buying these two necklaces.

The AlterFair was great overall, We had fun! I will definetely look forward to next editions, please.