Sunday, 4 September 2016


Yesterday I went to alternative fashion fair. I read on Facebook there is one. Seeing there will be fashion shows and a lot of eyecandy to buy, I naturally had to come. I grabbed a camera and invited a friend and I was ready to go.

Fashion shows!
(sorry photos are so poor in quality and quantity, I somehow forgot flash exists and it was really dark...)

 Blue Astrid

 This show was my favourite. All models were nice, but I liked the blue haired one the most :)


Some jewellery eyecandy...

...And me. The place outside was so peculiar, that I think I'll give photos from there a separate post.

I ended up buying these two necklaces.

The AlterFair was great overall, We had fun! I will definetely look forward to next editions, please.


  1. So cool! I didn't even know there were such fairs

    1. It may be a thing only in my city. I'm glad we have such fairs, it compensates lack of goth clubs and alternative stores a bit :)