Friday, 9 September 2016

West Station

As I promised, I'm showing some photos of the outside of AlterFair, near the West Station. There was a ramshackle wall with some very colorful grafitti and a nearly collapsing concrete platform. Everything sourrounded with wild bushes; a nature taking over. So strange that this place is probably still in use! My friend took me some photos of the outfit here. How do you like this place?

Dress: Topshop / hat: H&M / earrings: from Kraków / shoes: Stonefly

 Pumice ring (on left hand): from Greece / bracelet: from Greece

My friend really wanted to photograph this cat, so here it is. I wanted to pet him, but sadly it didn't want to cooperate, so I'm still left without black cat assistant that every witch should have :)


  1. A really strange place, it looks mysterious. Your outfit is beautiful, love your dress ❤

    1. Imagine that this place is almost in the middle of the city :D and thank you, this dress is very cosy for summer, I'm very fond of it!