Sunday, 18 September 2016

The lines are crossing

Time is going fast since last week. The new academic year is just around the corner. I try to stay prepared. Once again I'm waiting for the unknown; long story short, I changed my learning place and now I'm studying graphic design. I have big expectations, but we will se how it goes. 
Today I went with my family to the old town, before the weather becomes cool. We went to eat belgian fries in a bar and see the illuminated fountains. 
Dress: H&M (modified) / harness: diy / shoes: Vagabond / cardigan: from my mum's shop (made in Italy)
Today I felt like wearing my dress with longer back and giant cross earrings. My makeup was just a simple eyeliner look which I seem to wear ofter lately. I think it suits more modern looks.

How do you spend the last days of summer?

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