Saturday, 27 August 2016

White lace, black dreams

Yesterday evening I went to the exibition opening near the city centre. It was pretty fun, there were lots of people there, including artists. Later I was walking around the town and eventually end up going to a pancake restaurant with my mum. It's usually very crowded, with a bunch of people waiting in a queue to sit, and I think I can understand why. The pancakes were just great and the price was suprisingly fair. And they have more than 50 types in menu!

I also went to the cinema last time to see Florence Foster Jenkins. I really enjoyed 40's music and fashion, and Meryl Streep is amazing as always. But I don't recommend it if you have sensitive ear, those high notes she sings sometimes hurt!

Blouse: thrifted (originally Vero moda) / skirt: Panacher / shoes: Stonefly / bag: thrifted (originally New Look) / ring: a gift

 The lace blouse is very light, great for warm days. I got it for less than 1$! A bag was also very cheap, about 1,80$.

I got also cat-eye shaped glassess to match. It's from Italy

Friday, 19 August 2016


You may see something changed here...
Last time I looked in the mirror and saw my roots of natural hair are showing. And I realized they were very dark... and it didn't even look bad. I thought then, why not dye my hair black? So I finally stopped this long time of being afraid of quite permanent nature of black dyes and gave it a try. I think it looks good and I have a feeling this color is about to stay for a long time on my head. And I kind of fulfilled my childhood dream, since I wanted very much to have either red or black hair when I was in preschool! Younger me would be proud.

Today I put on my bat sleeve shirt and went to thift shops to hunt. I got a shirt and a dress, so mission ended with success. I have to go back to painting now, as I have seven more works to do till the academic year.

 shirt: Miss Max / skirt: H&M / necklace: Marufaktura / shoes: Vagabond

Thursday, 11 August 2016


Excuse me for my absence on this blog. I have just returned from a holiday travel with lots of good memories I want to share with you (with huge load of pics). I got the chance to see a south Italian region with my parents. I am satisfied with pretty cities and amazing nature I saw. I will remember this for long, I am sure.

Our first trip was to see the city of Tropea, the wonderful XVII century town situated on a cliff. It's filled with old palaces and restaurants hidden in small alleys. The church placed on an elevation near the coast is most characteristic point. The local red onions are sold everywhere. What is interesting, the city was bombed during the WWII, but all the 6 bombs remain unexploded. Sill, it's always shocking to me how people would want to destroy such beautiful places.

There was an Alice in Wonderland restaurant in a town. Of course I had to take some photos and eat there. Look at those clocks! So cute!

Another town we saw is Pizzo. Not as big as Tropea, it still has some secrets. the builing below is where Joachim Murat, the Napoleon's brother-in-law, was imprisoned and executed.

What are liked the most was Piedigrotta - a chapel build inside the cave near the coast. The sculptures located in such an unusual area are stunning.

The last trip was to Stromboli island - this time on ship. We were here from afternoon to night. The island is basically the one big (almost 1 km high) volcano which is active all the time - the eruptions take place every 10-12 minutes! Unfortunately, we didn't see the eruption, but laying on the ship at night and watching stars is an amazing feeling to compensate. The island also contains beaches with black sand and many, many lovely shops.

I loved the Calabria all together and I definetely hope to return here someday.