Friday, 19 August 2016


You may see something changed here...
Last time I looked in the mirror and saw my roots of natural hair are showing. And I realized they were very dark... and it didn't even look bad. I thought then, why not dye my hair black? So I finally stopped this long time of being afraid of quite permanent nature of black dyes and gave it a try. I think it looks good and I have a feeling this color is about to stay for a long time on my head. And I kind of fulfilled my childhood dream, since I wanted very much to have either red or black hair when I was in preschool! Younger me would be proud.

Today I put on my bat sleeve shirt and went to thift shops to hunt. I got a shirt and a dress, so mission ended with success. I have to go back to painting now, as I have seven more works to do till the academic year.

 shirt: Miss Max / skirt: H&M / necklace: Marufaktura / shoes: Vagabond


  1. Wow! What a change! I think it suits you wonderfully

    1. Well, thank you. It was a good decision, I think