Sunday, 29 January 2017

Art of Horror

Have you ever heard about Zdzisław Beksiński? I have, a lot. I remember already from my childhood he was mentioned to be one of the greatest Polish modern artists. In October I heard about the new exibition about his paitings opened in Cracow. I managed to go there with friends. After waiting over an hour in a queue, we finally get there. Small place. Black walls. What I saw was one of the most amazing things. The works was displayed on glowing screens, making all the colors pop. This way one could see a whole spectrum of artists' skill. In the end I bought the album to take this experience to home :)

If you ever happen to be close to Cracow, go see this exibition. Don't think twice. You'll not be dissappointed.

Anyway, today I went to another exibition dedicated to Beksiński's creations, This time in Warsaw. It was a free session of Virtual Reality when you literally step into his paintings. It was a fascinating thing, it felt a bit like a strange realistic dream.
I present you some of the works in a book, but I assure you it doesn't do the justice to them.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Blueberry dress

I have just woke up as I am writing. Exams left me exhausted and after a few nearly sleepless night I came back to home today and slept for three hours straight! So waking up at evening I feel like a vampire now. I hope the work pays off. Actually, I already got a big chance in front of me and I grasped it as quickly as I can. I will know if I succeed only around late spring and I keep my fingers crossed.

Yesterday's outfit is mostly from thrift finds plus some small local brands. The dress from New look is thrifted and even though it's in bad condition I enjoy wearing it. The belt is thrifted as well, the bracelet is from I am, and the key necklace is from Marufaktura. Boots were bought on

Now I come back to playing Witcher and reading the books as I am in the mild Witcher-obsession mood right now :) I can treat myself a little bit.

Monday, 16 January 2017

In the Seventh Heaven

Hello guys!
The doom time has come, by which I mean the end of semester. Who would have thought one can be so drained to no longer find pleasure even in tracing art from Batman comics and designing an original character. But I don't let sleep deprivation and stress stop me. I also have exciting diy and travel plans for the next month which I hope I can manage to fullfill.

On the photos I have my new lipstick which I worn today for the first time. It's Amethyst from Nyx Liquid Suede. While I already sold my soul for the red lipsticks and there's no turning back, this unusual ultraviolet shade is very magical and I think I will wear this a lot.

 Skirt: Atmosphere / top: thrifted / sweater: G21 / necklace: Claire's

Recently I got a mini-haul in Claire's. Originally I only planned to get the bow and choker, but then being informed they had 3rd item for free, I also found this crystal necklace. I think they are all cute and can't really decide which item is my favourite.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Death and silence. Photography of Laura Makabresku

My first contact with her art was when I saw interview in a magazine. It caught my eye immediately, but then I forgot about it. It was until I saw her on tumblr, and then it got me into deeper interest. I'd like to share with you some of my favourite photos by an amazing photographer (who happens to be from my country). The photos are strange mixture of sensitivity and pain, death and silence. It reminds me of older times, ancient books covered in dust in the attic. There is also relation of human and nature. Animals, especially birds appear here often. Photos are sometimes disturbing and somewhat unpleasant to look, but in the same time absolutely beautiful.

Kamila Kansy, know as Laura Makabresku, born 1987 in Brzesko, is a self-taught photographer currently living in Cracow. She is a graduate in polish philological faculty. Her inspiration comes from her childhood, poetry and dreams. She collaborated with many magazines and took part in collective and individual exibitons.

There are many more to see on her official pages.