Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Blueberry dress

I have just woke up as I am writing. Exams left me exhausted and after a few nearly sleepless night I came back to home today and slept for three hours straight! So waking up at evening I feel like a vampire now. I hope the work pays off. Actually, I already got a big chance in front of me and I grasped it as quickly as I can. I will know if I succeed only around late spring and I keep my fingers crossed.

Yesterday's outfit is mostly from thrift finds plus some small local brands. The dress from New look is thrifted and even though it's in bad condition I enjoy wearing it. The belt is thrifted as well, the bracelet is from I am, and the key necklace is from Marufaktura. Boots were bought on

Now I come back to playing Witcher and reading the books as I am in the mild Witcher-obsession mood right now :) I can treat myself a little bit.


  1. I'm reading the Witcher books too! Lovely dress

  2. Gorgeous outfit! I hope that big chance you write about will succeed! :)