Monday, 11 January 2016


I've celebrated anniversary with my fiance yesterday. We had a walk in the city centre together and then spent evening in home. Fortunately, the weather was kind enough to let me wear something elegant on that occasion. My makeup was in red to suit the romantic mood.

 Dress: from Italy / bolero: Feierli / key necklace: Marufaktura

~Mia Amethyst

Monday, 4 January 2016

2015 - Happy moments

2015 was a great year. So much happened. I was going to picture my memories on the blog, but I thought: why to make just a regular summary of the year? I will post only my favourite memories instead. So I will focus only on good things that happened to me.

The beggining of year is usually good since I have anniversary then. The last one was very enjoyable, we spent it in a restaurant in a peaceful atmosphere. Also I went with my family to greek restaurant on my mum's birthday. As you can see, this month was full of food!

High school friends reunited! We went together to an art exibition. So nice, to keep a contact with such an awesome people. I'm glad we are still seeing each other now.
Near the end of the month There was a partial sun eclipse. As a fan of astronomical phenomenons, I had to observe it. We successfully took a few photographs of croissant-shaped sun.
Also I went to the Laibach concert with my dad.

My awesome birthday! I spent it at the zoo with boyfriend.

Some of beatiful weather. I had a great time with my boyfriend on 2-day trip in Cracow. We saw plenty of museums and visited local shops.

Chillout time, then exams, then very needed vacation. We went to the Corfu. I saw some of the most amazing places with my family.

Family time in my mum's hometown.

Complete renovation of my room occured. After 10 years of living in the same place it's finally feeling like "me" again.

New school started. I also saw Kamelot live, and celebrated Halloween.

IAMX concert!

I had a peaceful family Christmas. One of the best that I can remember.

It started in a best way possible.
I got suprised by an event, due to which I can no longer call my relationship the same.
All I wish for is this year to be as amazing as the first moment of it.