Monday, 28 November 2016

Locked up in metal bones

Last week was very exhausting for me due to school duties. Yesterday I completed movie poster for one of classes and seems that now I can slow down a little. Especially that waking up today to the falling snow reminded me of upcoming winter, what means: Christmas. It always makes me feel like a child again, seeing these beautiful illuminated trees and smelling these scents of burning candles, oranges and fresh snow. I think there is some magic in these holidays like no others have.
What made me happy last time that I ordered a corset last week and it already arrived to me. It's a classic matte black underbust from Papercats. It's a big deal since I've always loved corsets, but I only had the soft ones with plastic boning so far and this time it's a real steel one. I was lucky to get it for a half price of a brand that's already not expensive. Today I dediced to give it a try and wore it all day and, to my suprise, it's quite comfortable. I ordered an XS size and I was worried it would be too tight, but it's just right. And it gives the figure a nice hourglass shape with defined waist. I will surely wear it a lot. If I had to rate it, I would give it a 5/5.

 Today's outfit: t-shirt: Sophie / skirt: atmosphere / boots: Jennifer&Jennifer / corset: Papercats/ ring: a gift

 What do you think about corsets?

Monday, 21 November 2016

Le Cirque

 Today's outfit is combination of newly thrited skirt that's very comfortable and a blouse I've been into lately. The black and white stripes, black lace and red details remind me a bit of circus aesthetics which I'm liking a lot.

blouse: thrifted / skirt: thrifted / shoes: Vagabond

 The previous week was very busy. I had a few mid-term works to do and new comissions. Also tomorrow is my first test from japanese. I'm very happy I can learn a new language, especially this one is unlike ony other I've learned before, with very different cultural origin and writing system. I have always been interested in learning foreign languages, so I plan to learn many more. I hope I can go to Japan someday to use the knowledge in practice.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Day Of All Saints

On 1.11 I went to cemetery to light the candles for the deceased from my family, according to tradition. The place always looks so colorful during this time, and autumn leaves also add some atmosphere. It was very empty here this time due to heavy rain and cold, I also only stayed for a short moment. Because of this I didn't go to the oldest and biggest cemetery in my town as I planned. I am always in awe to see old forgotten graves, crooked stone crosses. There is some mystery in it.

I took some photos on that day which I hope you like.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

In this town of Halloween

For this day, I went with my love to the cafe. The place was very cool, with spiderwebs everywhere, Jack Skellington statue at the bar and staff in costumes. I also likes the music playing, mainly from films, and I even heard The Cure's Lullaby. We haven't spent too much time here, only enough to order a drink, play a board game and take part in Tim Burton quiz. Too bad I didn't win the quiz, I guess I didn't watch some of the films carefully enough!

I went as spider queen and my love was my undead servant :D

 ,,Brain haemorrhage" drink

Only 365 days left until the next Halloween!
Source: Tumblr