Friday, 23 September 2016

Secret garden

 I've just came back to home after this day. I spent some time with my grandparents in their garden. They grow plants here, among others: grapes, apple trees, many kinds of flowers, and so far I know they plan to seed a cherry tree. Today they were picking grapes so I had some to taste, and it's sweet as a honey! Good to have a chance to grow plants in the city. I would gladly grow some, too, maybe on the balcony at least, but I can't cope with plants well. Once I managed to dry out the cactus...

I may not eat this apple, cause as we know from a famous story, eating apples unguarded may not end up well!

Today's outfit: blouse: thrifted (New Look) / skirt: thrifted (H&M) / shoes: Vagabond / earrings: diy
I had to wear a coat though, you can definetely feel the autumn is here!

I have some very pleasant plans for the next two days before the school starts! And you? Any plans for the weekend?


  1. Ooh Gardens are fun. Your Grandparents gardens look beautiful and all the lovely fruit looks yummy. I love your top it's very cute.