Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Almost Human

I am feeling good because of sun blooming and making everything warm. I can wear my favorite clothes now. I hope the weather stays good all through my exams to cheer me up a little. It's only one week left but it will be good. Going to art opening tomorrow and tattoo studio opening on the weekend. Maybe I will find some inspirations there?

My makeup today is slithly inspired by zombies, so color scheme is purple and green. You know, because rotting and bruises. Eyeshadows are from Inglot

Skeleton Hand: Glovestar
Blouse: Biba
Skirt: Atmosphere
Tights: Bodyline
Shoes: Vagabond

~Mia Amethyst


  1. oh lady i love your hair *misses long hair but at least growing the bottom part of hers back* good luck on inspiration!!

  2. Lovely outfit! :) I do hope you'll post about that art opening you mention!

    1. Thank you! Oh unfortunately I was so busy chatting with friends that I didn't take any photos.