Monday, 26 December 2016

Christmas is here...

Now when I am at my home again I can rest with a cup of tea - tired and happy after celebrating Christmas with my family.
Holidays for me started already at friday, when I celebrated it with my closest family in my house. Then 2 days I spent in another town at my granparents' place, and today I had a dinner with my fiance's family.
The photos are from grandparents' home. I hope I could catch some of the warm and cosy atmosphere on those few photos. I like this traditionalism in decoration, it brings out memories of my childhood. I am still in festive mood even if there was no snow this year. I'd like to show you a song I was listening to a lot, which I think is perfect for this time of a year :)

I wish you all merry Christmas / Holidays or whatever else you are celebrating!


  1. Merry Christmas! Your photos are lovely. ^_^

  2. Wonderful Christmas Pics, my Dear! You looks so beautiful!!!

    I wish you a happy new year, Honey...