Monday, 19 January 2015

Another day

So it is... Time flies so fast. I've just celebrated 4 years with my Beloved. I must say, it's amazing how you can love someone more and more through the years... I am happy right now. We spent our perfect date in mediterranean bistro and ate dinner together.

Kinda awkward photo of us. There was SO MUCH LIGHT here.

 I don't take photos of food often, but it was really delicious thing. This is a roasted duck with dumplings, fruits and basil.

 My outfit there. Restyle dress, choker from Allegro (no name), sweater from Girl Dream and Jenny Fairy shoes.

 Also few days later I celebrated my mum's birthday. We were in a greek restaurant.

I was wearing a dress from H&M my boy bought me on Christmas. They have a collection right now that really suits my taste.

I had just a regular black makeup. 
Anyway, I am going tomorrow ice skating, yay! I have now a free week so I can have fun and chill out now.

P.S. Thank you for 1000 views! It' so nice knowing that people actually read my stuff sometimes .


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