Saturday, 10 January 2015

Soft Red Everyday Makeup Tutorial

This is one of my few everyday looks. I hope you will find this helpful & inspirational for your looks. Keep in my mind I'm not makeup artist. I just do these things in a way that I like. Enjoy.

 Start with washed face. Firstly apply base/ concealer on your eyelids.

 Then apply red eyeshadow on upper and lower eyelid (if you have eyes close to each other like me, apply lower shadow only to the half.

 Apply black eyeshadow on upper eyelid above the crease.

 Then blend it with cosmetic brush.

 Clean the brush a little and blend lower shadow as well.

 Add mascara.

 Now we do the lips. Start with moisturising balm.

 Apply red lipstick. Don't mind too much if it's not even.

 Apply black eyeshadow on the corners. It looks a little weird now, but we will fix it.

 Now blend everything with brush carefully.

 If it still looks messy, you may add another layer of lipstick and black eyeshadow to blank places.

 Final result.

How do you like it? Write me if you have some tips or questions. I may do some other tutorials in the future so keep in touch.

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