Thursday, 28 April 2016


Yesterday I celebrated anniversary of my arrival to human world. Doesn't feel any different to be a one year older. Well, at least for now, since the number isn't big enough to scare me yet.

I celebrated this day with my closest ones. Everything was great, we had a sushi feast and my beloved made a cream pie with jelly. I received a pair of sunglasses and a ticket for a concert I planned to see in autumn. Now it's official, I'm coming with my dad to see The Cure. Originally, I know the band thanks to him, so I'm pretty excited to return to my early teenage memories connected with it.

Outfit for a dinner included: dress: Topshop / wreath: from Greece / harness: DIY

Me with my beautiful mum. She arrived to a dinner straight from an airport!


  1. Happy 21!! :) Your dress and that harness look fabulous. I'm so jealous that you get to see the Cure. The last time they were in my area I was too young and too poor to go, booo, hopefully I can see them some day.

    1. Thank you dear. Well I hope you'll get the chance to see The Cure eventually~