Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice...

 shirt: Leable / leggings: / jacket: Tom Tailor / shoes: Vagabond

I recently got striped leggings. My old ones were all faded and worn-out. I rarely replace old pieces of wardrobe with the same thing, but I don't think my style would survive without some Beetlejuice themed, juicy black-and-white stripes!

I have a big sentiment for Beetlejuice, I've watched it at the age of 12, probably. Along with The Corpse Bride made me develop a huge fascination with Tim Burton movies, which consequently led me to overall spooky interests I have today.

What was the weird thing, I used to be the kind of overly sensitive child who was afraid of everything dark. Maybe the thing that actually attracted me to these kind of movies was the fact they made darkness seem more friendly and funny, so I started to be comfortable with it, it even made me somehow calm. Anyone had similar experience?