Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Today's rain and wind combined make unpleasing weather... But I'm still happy because I found my motivation to do things i should do. Also my creative vein seems coming back. How will I find time to draw everything I have in my mind?? I hope that the time around Christmas will be less filled with work so I can drown in my room and create.

 This dress is cute, I don't know why I wear it so rarely...

It's hard to catch my makeup but it's violet (Inglot) with some pink (Essence) and white (Bourjois). Also Nivea fruit shine: guava lipstick (it smells really nice)
Notice key and padlock earrings. I got them from my boyfriend <3

Thanks to Catacombxkitten I discovered new band. I've fallen in love. This and Animal Impulses are my favourite songs yet, but I chose this one because I've already spammed everywhere with the other one. Enjoy~


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