Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Words are just dust

Hi! Do you smell that? Yes, Christmas is coming. I sooo love it. There will be colorful lights and nice food and orange and forest smell again... Also it's very close to my anniversary with Beloved so double my joy.
Today I was at staff meeting with manager. She asked us how we are feeling in this job. After all it was nice. After that I was hanging out in city center... It was a fine day. Tomorrow I wil go somewhere with my mum before work maybe.
This photo shows really good how my hair colour look like in reality. Thought it likes to be moody and change its tone from purple to blue. I like how it looks right after re-dyeing.

I applied my violet Inglot eyeshadows on lips and I like the result! I may wear it like that more often.

Oh, and my mum gave me these spidey Claire's earrings on Saint Nicholas's Day <3 I love them! (This purple stain on my ear is from toner anyway!...)

I wear today my DIY ripped blouse. Unfortunately, winter is not too goos to wear it because these holes works kinda like ventilation... Actually I used to wear it even in heat! But warm coat helps now.

Song of the day:

Anyway, I have 500 views on my blog! Wow!

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