Friday, 6 October 2017


Hi guys! I am here to do a quick update. I've returned from vacation two weeks ago and started my seond year of university. I'm glad I had a chance to rest because my school hours went crazy this semester. Besides that I'm not doing much lately besides planning to make home bubble tea. I love this drink and unfortunately, the only one close to where I live closed a long time ago. In the rest of chain shops prices raised, so I figured out I could try to make my own and save some money.
Also, planning my Halloween outfit, because it's OCTOBER! I've seen an event that seems pretty nice for this occasion, not just a regular club party. I'm not that much into drinking alcohol and I eventually get bored. We'll see how it will be.

On the other news, I am taking part in Inktober initiative for the first time. Follow one of my art accounts to see me trying to use ink~



  1. It sounds so busy. Your art is amazing. Good luck with your bubble tea.

    1. Thank you. I can say now the bubble tea came out nothing like shop one but still nice x