Friday, 24 October 2014

Lost Alice

Hi! Today is very cold outside. Temperature is 3 Celsius degrees and I definetely don't feel comfortable with it. I am warmth-lover, when winter begins I always just want to hide under blanket and drink hot tea in my own room. Today I had to go out, but at least outfit I wore turned out pretty nice for me.

t-shirt: House, cardigan: EMOI, trousers: unknown, boots: Jenny Fairy

I'll throw here a few closeups of look.

And makeup..
I wear purple eyeshadow by Inglot and Nivea fruity shine: strawberry on lips. I LOVE this gloss, it gives a nice moisture and a hint of cute colour.

I really like this look. An elder man in tram said I look very pretty, let's hope my P. isn't jealous, lol.
Anyway, the Hellcon is tomorrow! Both me and my P. will have costumes, so it's gonna be fun. I changed my final concept and it will be.. scarier! So keep in contact with this site to see the photos soon.
Song of the day is We are rebels:

It's by a lovely band Alice in videoland. They sound a bit like crossover between industrial and overly cute silly pop. I know how it seems, but listening to this really makes me smile.

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