Friday, 31 October 2014

Trick or treat

Hello guys! It's Halloween today. I usually don't go to parties or events or anything, but I always take the opportunity to dress up myself. I decided to go to some cafe and eat lovely spooky-themed cakes with my friend. I didn't wear any costume, but I did fancy makeup.
WARNING: this post contains a lot of pictures!

cheesecake with berry elixir, bat cupcake and ghost meringue. cute

 Black lipstick is quite unusual for me. For everyday makeup I prefer lighter look. I applied black Rimmel eyeshadow on lips and eyes + mascara from Clinique.

 I bought this sweetie on Hellcon

 Me and my cute friend Dominica

And if you survived so much photos... See my song of the day:

This is the most beautiful breathtaking This is Halloween cover EVER! I hope you enjoyed this day as much as I did!


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