Thursday, 6 November 2014

Goth hairstyles ideas & inspirations

Hi! I decided to start writing about style and inspirations. I'll throw here a bunch of ideas of how to use your hair to express yourself (it sound soo super-artistic...) I believe that hairstyle is very important part of the look and can make even the whole outfit... so I hope this will be useful for you guys!


  • Black
This is quite obvious. Most classic, most popular and suits most people. It will match black clothes and also make your skin look more pale by contrast. 
  • Colorful
You can dye your hair every existing colour, make streaks or even dye your head rainbow. I am a fan of especially purple and blue hair. Neon colours will match cyber/sweet styles and darker ones may be more romantic.
I think Iska is the master of colorful hair. Photo is from her Facebook
  • Natural
It's not necessary to dye hair at all. Natural hair works with most styles, especially romantic, victorian and casual. Light blonde, dark brown or red hair are pretty, but you can have any other colour.

  • Bald
Because why not? If you like the look of Dementia from Addam's family, go for it.
  • Short
Works for both genders. Very classic for guys and kinda edgy for ladies.
  • Bob
Can be classic or asymetric. I had something like this for more than half of my life and I must admit I loved it. But wouldn't have courage to cut my long hair now.

  • Undercut
It got very popular recently. It can be on one side or both sides. I think shaved or dyed patterns look quite nice.
  • Long
Very popular, suitable for both genders again. Flowing super-long locks are always beautiful and look kinda mysterious.
Beautiful Mothmouth.

You have plenty of options, really. It can be short, long, straight or side. You can have V-fringe that is quite popular. Or, of course, you can have no fringe at all.
V-fringe/Vampire fringe (from Pinterest)
  • Straight
Silky, straight hair wil look very nice. Can be both dressy and casual.
  • Curly
Thick curls/waves are very princess-like. Can look very romantic, but not only (think Mrs. Lovett...)
  • Dreads
A little more permanent change. They can look interesting, especially dyed some fancy colours. Dreadlocks and cyberlocks allow you to change the style depending on situation.
  • Big/Puffy
Big, teased hairstyles are most traidional and have its roots from punk. A lot of hairspray and teasing (ugh!) might be needed.
I think you know Robert Smith!

As you can see, you have a lot of options and really only thing that limits you is you imagination! Let me know what hairstyles do you have?

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