Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I'm the Shadows on the Wall

Hello guys! I am so tired and I don't feel like writing anything interesting, I must admit. But I'll try still. Today I was at drawing classes, as usual I am every tuesday. It seems like I have this autumn laziness phase again. Shortening day makes me want to sleep REALLY too much! But always when new year is starting I find more motivation to get on with learning and doing stuff I should. Let's hope I will be prepared to my spring exams. Tomorrow I'm going to work and I plan to find time before to go for something sweet or coffee.

Today I have on myself second hand sweater, Dr. Martens boots and Glovestar skeleton hand pin. Also jeans from Blend. That is all I can name here. I'm also wearing basic black and white makeup with black Rimmel eyeshadow, white Bourjois eyeshadow and Clinique mascara.

This sweater is fantastic, It's soooo warm and comfy. It's below knee length and it has a hood, so I can hide in it completely. It's gonna be my basic sweater to wear this winter for sure.

I ended reading Neil Gaiman's American Gods today. What can I say, Mr. Gaiman never ceases to amaze me. The story is about guy named Shadow who is just getting out of prison. He wants to live without any crimes, just normal peaceful life with his wife. But, a day before setting free, he receives a message about wife's tragic death. He is broken and he doesn't know where to go. Later he meets a strage man who call himself Wednesday. He offers him a job. Shadow ends up travelling through North America and meeting interesting people, gods, gnomes and undefined creatures. The reality seems to mix with dreams and fantasy in natural way. Mr. Gaiman offers a story that contains a lot of cruelty and darkness, yet it still seems to have that touch of childish imagination and naviety. I would highly recommend reading this book, especially for those who already have fallen in love with this author writing style.
The song of the day is like that because it's so easy when you're evil.

Anyway, do you have some nice books worth reading? I'm really looking for new stuff!

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