Thursday, 13 November 2014

Feeling Alive

I don't like being sick, but I like this feeling right when I become well again. It's like being able to do a lot of things planned before. I spent last few days playing games, drawing, coughing and sneezing. Today I'm going out for the first time in this week.

I'm having purple makeup today. It's no suprise, this is probably the most worn colour on my face.

I suck at self-timer photos so you must excuse weird face and lack of boots here.
Top is from Tally Weijl, skirt unknown.

You can barely see from photo up there, but these are my today boots. They are from Jenny Fairy. I usually prefer real leather instead of fake one, but I must admit this footwear is exceptionally comfortable.

Do you want to see my artwork? Well, I will show you anyway!

 Effect of sickness and having too much free time.

A bearded guy with pineapple from today's lesson.
You can see more of my works on if you want.

Song of the day:

Anyway, do you like my new blog banner?

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