Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A Broken Dream

Hi guys. A lot of things has happened since I wrote last time. I started new job in fast-food restaurant. The first two days were pretty exhausting, but I have nice co-workers and boss, so I think it won't be horrible. I really had to start working because I wanted to have experience before studies. Also I had a lot of free time and I'm kind of person that likes doing strict job, but dislikes administer her own time. So if I'm at home and I don't have work I just become lazy...

Today's outfit I wear for my drawing classes includes blouse from Morgan, jeans from some kind of cheap shop and shoes from Jennifer&Jennifer. Don't you agree that this blous make figure look really good?

 I'm having red and black makeup today. Red eyeshadow is from Inglot and black from Rimmel. I like Inglot eyeshadows and I hope I'll buy soon black one from this brand because Rimmel eyeshadow really seem not to last long on skin, unfortunately...

 Oh, and I bought new scarf in second hand shop. It's made from artificial wool and it's super warm.

Today's song is The Mission- Dance on Glass. I actually have a kind of The-Mission-day because my dad found their full discography and we were listening to it all the morning.

I'm going to see exibiton in Warsaw National Museum with guide on Saturday. I believe it would be fascinating. I also will meet my friends. Hope you have a nice day!


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