Monday, 27 October 2014

Convention of Monsters

Welcome all the banes! As I said before, I was on Hellcon on 25th day of October. It's time to sum up this event. Starting from the beginning, convention started at 11.00. I was there like 10 minutes before. There were abour 100 people in the queue I think, but I had to wait more than an hour... But why must have been sooo cold right then?? I freezed. My boyfriend arrived almost 2 hours later. I did scary makeup to him, too. We were fabulous, classy vampires hanging around, hehe. I would like to say my opinion about what was nice on Hellcon:

+Discussion panel about Tim Burton. Well, I love him, no suprise. We just talked about why his films are so great.
+Discussion panels about comics: about polish comic Incognito (with autors) - they have a lot of knowledge, about gothic horror elements in comics - interesting presentation, and ,,How to make and publish your own comic" - interesting facts about process of making a comic.
+Quite tasty sushi from a bar...
+Panel about using music in Roleplay games. Stimulated imagination.
+Panel about book series Nekroscope. This book is SICK! But I still want to read it.
+Panel about polish manga/fantasy drawers. Informative and inspirational.

What, sadly, wasn't pleasing...

-Cosplay... I mean, seriously? 7 cosplays?? There were always around 20... dissapointing.
-I thought that on victorian themed convention would be a lot of beautiful jewellery. Well, I bought only one necklace. Tiny minus.
-Theme costumes contest. They made us dance to the shitty music. The person who was dancing the most won. I came there to show my costume, NOT my moves!

So... hellcon was rather pleasing than not. I am glad I was there. I've met a lot of old friends and had fun.
Aren't we pretty vampires?? Especially my P.

My song of the day. I love Voltaire's voice. I'm waiting for him to come to Poland.


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