Thursday, 12 November 2015


 Last week i spent with hard work, lots of cuddling and embracing the changing nature. I try not to think about shortening days and lack of energy, but I let the autumn inspire me. I went to the forest this weekend to have a walk in late evening. I saw plenty of moths shining in the moonlight and somehow it was a really beautiful and calming picture.

I also found some time to be with closest people. Went to eat sushi and see the movie Crimson Peak with my boyfriend today. It was a lovely meeting. I try to focus on myself now and find the comfort as I see my nerves getting tense. I might take my university chores a bit too serious and I panic when I don't have enough time to do something. I try to change that. I have to remember that some more sleep may be beneficial!

Today's look. tunic: Second hand, skirt: Atmosphere, boots: Jenny Fairy
~Mia Amethyst

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  1. sounds like a lovely way to spend a fall day. best to get outside now, before it gets too cold!