Sunday, 5 June 2016

Tragedy of Hamlet

 Enjoying the last moments of freedom now... the upcoming week will hit me with a test and final date of finishing e-learning. I have a lot of vacation plans already, though. Just as usual, I tend to focus more on my plans and dreams than on present.

shirt: Leable / leggings: / sweater: from Italy / hat: H&M / shoes: Stonefly/ necklace: Marufaktura

 My outfit today is shot at the beautiful location close to my fiance's home. My favorite cloting piece here are the leggings - they might be the best ones I've ever seen. Once I saw them, I just squeed a little. I just had to have them. And now I do! They are filled with Shakespeare's Hamlet text, how awesome is that? I only regret a little I see it upside down from my perspective, if I didn't, I would read my clothes like a book when I am bored at the bus, for example.

I've just recalled last time this band when I was browsing my high school music list... Their ethereal climate gives me a calming feeling. I find the mix of folk music with dark electronic sounds very interesting. This song has actually the other, more electronic version, but this version just speaks to me more.

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