Saturday, 9 July 2016

Royal Baths

 Today I went on a walk with my dear fiance to our favourite park. We haven't been there for a year at least. Good thing is, even though the park is quite big (the largest in the town, even), there are never many people there except for special events. A good way to relax!
Also I kind of changed my hair. The color stays about the same, I only added some black streaks (which are more visible when I tie my hair up) and had it cut. It feels strange, I haven't had my hair so short since middle school. But now my hair feels so healthy, and I don't care that much about length now.

This sweet squirrel was kind enough to let us pet it.

 I really like the open back of this dress.

Today's outfit: dress: thrifted (originally River Island) / tights: from Italy/ necklace: from a convention /
shoes: Stonefly

How was your day?

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