Sunday, 17 July 2016

What haunts my mind...

I wanted to show you my latest interests and inspirations. There are actually many, here are a few of them:

💗 Alice Madness Returns

I wanted to play this game for so long. And finally, when I last time cheked it up, it was on a sale for only 2.50 €, so I couldn't resist! It has quickly won my everything-Alice-loving heart. The combination of fairytale landscapes, fun mini-games and killing unholy spawns of abyss is something I'm fond of. Though I was suprised how dark this game is, comparing any other vision of wonderland I've seen seems like a child's playground. I'm currently in about a half of a story and can't wait too see how it ends!

💗 Nyx Cosmetics

Last time the first Nyx salon in my town opened so I came to see it. There were many beautiful lipsticks. The shade Copenhagen was especially tempting, so I gave it a try. I was worried about the liquid formula, as I've never used it yet, but with lip liner applying it is't that hard. What is fun, it can look different if you put another coat of product - on the photo I have just one so it's not that dark. To the most important point: lipstick lasts very long once it's dried. And also, the smell is wonderful.

💗  Nick Cave

Okay, it's not that recent, but I re-discovered his music. What else can I say, I just love the feeling of his songs. Mr. Cave's soothing voice was my companion on many, many evenings. Here are my personal favorites:

What has caught your eye lately?

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