Friday, 14 October 2016

Melancholy spirit

The autumn melancholy is starting to pick me up it seems. I lack the energy and I was falling asleep in today's class. The work is building up already and I feel bad that I can't push myself to work as hard as I should... But at least the artwork themes are mostly fun and I enjoy seeing my progress in using computer programs. I always like to have evidence of a job done, doing something in repeat frustrates me.

 On the other topic, I am wearing today my new tunic/ dress. I bought it in low price and it got me immediately. It's made of very soft, stretching material, and the asymmetrical hemline adds interesting shape to the whole outfit. I think it would look good also with leggings.

Tunic is from New Look and garter is handmade.

 The garter I made myself. I am really into this kind of accessories right now.


  1. There seems to be something about the changing seasons where you think sleepy time and wanna hibernate till spring. Good luck on your course. I love your tunic dress it looks so simple but effective.

    1. The sleepyness must have came because the september was very warm and october went cold and rainy very quick so it's kind of a shock. Also, thanks <3