Thursday, 24 September 2015

I can tell you, you are not evil.

It's autumn already. Can't believe how fast time flies.
I am enjoying my free before-university time now. It means playing games, watching films and drawing, of course. I've created 2 new pieces and I'm working on the third one. All of them are in victorian climate. It'll be my little collection soon~

 Can't wait to finish this lady and hang her on the wall.

I've also watched a few films, weirdly only Disney.
Enchanted, Sleeping Beauty and Descendants. I'm going to say a little more about the last one since I don't really watch Disney Channel original movies. They are usually pretty boring to me. But this one was good.

What's this film about? It's the story of children of the worst villains, who was sent to unescapeable island. The son of Beauty and The Beast, soon to be king, decided to give them a chance. He invited kids to a royal academy.

I liked Mal most. She was a nice combination of mean rebel and secretly sensitive girl. I also liked how her realation with mother was shown. Maleficent was just perfect anyway as a completely evil woman!

I also enjoyed the rest of characters, especially Evil queen. The idea of her soon getting old, desperately trying to stay ,,The fairest of them all" was great.

Do you like Disney? How do you feel about Descendants?

~Mia Amethyst


  1. Your art looks really beautiful! And I had not heard of that movie Descendants, it seems interesting. :) I think most Disney movies are enjoyable, but I do prefer the old fairy tales that for example Brothers Grimm collected. Those stories are much more bloody and spooky. :D

    1. Thanks! I do like Brothers Grimm stories. I used to have them in an old book. It would be fun to read it again.